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Please contact us at (804)980-4142 or

 [email protected] for pricing and rate information.

Our Pricing is right up front, fair and consistent, with no surprises and no surcharges. Our system is easy to understand, and gives you accurate pricing day or night. Our system uses MapQuest and measures mileage from your exact pickup location to the final drop off location. For the most accurate pricing, please give all needed information when calling in to make your order.

Service Name

  • Fast guaranteed service
  • Time Critical Deliveries
  • We offer Competitive Rates
  • Fully Insured and Bonded. 
  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Contracts Available
  • Type of service selected (Regular, Rush, Direct Delivery Non-stop)

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Service Name

  • plans/architectural drawings
  • product delivery: printing, electrical supplies, office products, toner, food, computers, any product you can think of...
  • round trip service
  • settlement papers
  • subpoena service
  • Visa's and Passport's

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Service Name

  • Medical Specimens,Medical supplies, Hazardous Materials,Medical Prescriptions drops and pick ups
  • catering (food) delivered on time
  • court filings And legal documents
  • third party pick up and delivery (not letting your customer know it didn’t come from them)

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What our customers are saying

Since our earliest involvement with Snider's Courier Service, I have found their company to be world class in many ways.  Their representation of Courier Service to us and our mutual customer base has always been excellent, courteous and above all, professional in every respect.

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